A look at our students and what they are saying about their school!


I'm Dax. I like Discovery Prep because it is the first place I feel comfortable and accepted. My interests outside of school are guitar, tennis, and golf. 
At other schools teachers often just tell you what to do. At Discovery Prep, we get to go off on our own to figure out how to work through problems and get advice from other fellow students. It's a whole different kind of environment and school setting, and I love it!
Hi! I'm Brandon, I was the first student at Discovery Prep. The kids here are amazing, whacky, and out of the ordinary. They are funny, kind, smart, and friendly which is what I love about this school.  They make you feel comfortable so you do not hesitate being friends or trying new things. 
The other thing I really enjoy is our Expeditions. We aren't in a classroom all of the time. We go hiking, scuba diving, to museums, observatories and camping in Yosemite.
You get closer to each other through doing all of these things together. 
My name is Ben. I really like Math and Science, especially Physics and Chemistry. 
I like the Quest Based Learning because you have the ability to choose a topic of interest you like and want to expand on by yourself or in a group.  My favorite quest was when I chose to study currency and it allowed me to write and make a presentation that I enjoyed giving and felt good about what I had learned from the Quest.
The high teacher to student ratio at our school is good and allows us to get to connect closely, and ask questions.
My name is Avery. I have a passion for Music and the Arts.
Service is a big part of our curriculum, it makes us more caring and giving, and it's an opportunity to get out of the classroom to help others. It inspired me to volunteer and be a part of my own service. I volunteer over the Summer at Friendship Circle where I help special needs children at camp and finding new friends.
It is so welcoming at the school, you can get comfortable here. They push us to work really hard but in a way that is comforting. We don't realize it but we are making great progress.
At my old school, I was not familiar with my learning style or connected with the other children. At Discovery I found something that works for me. I have deep connections and have fun learning even the things that are difficult for me.
I'm Ethan. I like to surf and I play volleyball on a club team in San Clemente. 
One of the reasons why I like Quest Based learning is because it is your choice to decide what you would like to do. I learned how to make a skateboard with a mold, and even though my board came out slightly warped, it was really fun and I learned the process. 
We do fun things together. We built rockets and used Science to compare velocity and test our designs. I like the free environment, the ability to really get to know my classmates, and the personal attention from my teachers that I need.
My name is James. I enjoy surfing, skateboarding, snow boarding and airsoft. I have a skate company called Ternion Skate and make custom skateboards using  all of the American made products and hardware I can.
School was becoming so stressful for me and it seemed like all I did was homework. There was no time for anything else. My mom said "my light was dimming" so she found me Discovery Prep. My confidence is back and so is my happiness.
I love Discovery Prep because learning is fun. There is homework when you are working on a project or need to catch up on something you may have missed in class. I have time now to build my company and spend time with my friends and family. 
My name is Trent, I am sixteen years old. I like skateboarding, surfing, Music and Art. I play the Bass and guitar.
I like the freedom of Discovery Prep and the ability to pick up my guitar in between classes or Math tests because I need breaks. 
Quest Based learning is a great opportunity to bring a hobby or interest to school and have the ability to learn more about it. We built skateboards, instruments and all kinds of crazy stuff. Whatever you are interested in, you can bring it into school and work on in between classes even.
All of the work is on us and is our responsibility. I am pretty independent but there is support from our teachers and our peers if you need it.
I'm Olivia. I am a competitive figure skater and I have a deep, deep passion for volunteer work and humanitarian efforts.
 Our community service allows us to reach out to the community, and we are no longer just sitting at our desks hearing about it, we are out there doing something about it by feeding the homeless, picking fruits and vegetables or beach clean ups.
Any student willing to put in the time for their own education succeeds at Discovery Prep because it is strongly based off of your own drive while getting all the support you need.
I'm Jacobi. I'm a surfer, skateboarder, dirtbiker, mountainbiker or any extreme sport with adrenalin. 
I am interested in film and photography so the Quest I remember the most was building a pinhole camera and developing the film myself. I got to bring a project that intrigued me and Discovery enhanced the learning process. 
I am interested in giving back to people who need it. Through our service projects and my own service, I was able to achieve the Presidential Service Award. I recently created an organization Pass the Ball where my father and i traveled to the slums of India to donate 500 basketballs and footballs. The joy it brought was really fulfilling.
All kids succeed here! With less kids and more hands on leaning activities, you can grow no matter what your learning style.
I'm Ryan. I am mostly interested in Computer Science.
One of the things I love about our school, is that we have such close relationships with each other and our teachers.
In other schools I found the curriculum to be generic. At Discovery Prep, whether we are building a battery and learning about electricity, or building rockets, we tackle things hands on and experience learning more in depth. 
We do service fairly often which shows our appreciation for our community. Feeding the homeless or picking fruits and vegetables for people who can not afford food makes me feel good about what I am doing. 
My name is Bjorn. I enjoy computers and have built my own. I also like ping pong. 
Quest Based learning consists of a 6 week period and our projects range from group, service, or individual projects. One of my Quests involved building a hover board which was really fun.
I have discovered I can do many more things than I imagined in an environment like this. It is a school that is less strict, with more freedom, and our knowledge is more in depth.