Apprenticeships at Discovery Prep

Through the Discovery Prep School’s Apprentice Program, students who in other settings found themselves slumbering through school, wake up. Those who thought they weren’t smart, find that they are. Those who feared they couldn’t achieve anything, DISCOVER they can!

The Discovery Prep School positions both intellectual and vocational pursuits as complimentary components of the Discovery Prep School’s education. We believe that learning happens both in school and away from our school walls. As such we require all of our high school-aged students to pursue apprenticeships. While we encourage students to build their own master/apprentice network, our College Counseling department guides students through the steps necessary to lock down these experiences—reaching out, cultivating relationships, creating and submitting documents, and interviewing—skills needed for success!

Discovery Prep students work alongside professionals from other fields as mentors and role models. Our College Counseling department has developed relationships with people in the following fields: engineers, scientists, technologists, artists, the skilled trades, emergency medical services, musicians, business leaders, designers and more.