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Some notes. Proven student engagement. Rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Something to do with amazing student output. Unprecedented student engagement. Powerful creations.

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The Discovery Learning Experience

The Discovery Learning Experiences are divided into core academics and Quests (student and teacher directed projects and travel experiences). When combined, our one-of-a-kind program offers innumerable opportunities to practice Discovery Prep's philosophy of resourcefulness, entrepreneurship, compassion, and service to others--skills required to THRIVE in the 21st century.

Quest #3: Model United Nations: Students Engaged in a Model UN Conference at Portola High School

Quest #3: Model United Nations: Students Engaged in a Model UN Conference at Portola High School

Preparing students to thrive in a world of their own design.

Re-Imagining School

  • Inquiry-Based, Socratic College Preparatory Academics
  • Quest-Based Experiences: Projects and travel
  • Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration and Joy
  • Nurturing Confident, Courageous, Independent Thinkers
  • Cultivating Each Student's Unique and Innate Talents
  • Well Balanced Inquirers for Global Responsibility

Nature and Exploring

Bryce: descriptive writing excerise.jpg

Designed for the 21st Century

Our next generation curriculum is delivered in a blended, socratic, environment that emphasizes mastery. We strive to provide a contemporary and personalized academic experience at the heart of which lies rigorous academics, student interest, passion and relationships.

Contemporary Arts Program at Los Rios School of Performing Arts


Global Responsibility

Service Projects give our Discovery Prep students greater awareness of our global family. A beautiful day working with our friends at Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.

Did you know

Self employment statistic for 2030

In 2030 more than 50% of the population in America will be self-employed. Will your child be prepared? Our graduates will be!

Low Stress Equals High Achievement

"Poised for Greatness" Practical methods for increasing IQ, developing inner awareness and full potential.

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